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This program seeks to identify, prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases. This is a collaborative effort between the GCHD, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, physicians, hospitals, schools, laboratories and others.

When selected diseases are reported, they are investigated by the GCHD. These investigations help provide the necessary information to determine if there is potential public health threat and the control measures to be implemented to address it.

GCHD participates in surveillance activities to detect potential outbreaks of illness. Some local healthcare providers, schools, daycares and nursing homes participate in syndromic surveillance.\They report symptoms of illness on a weekly basis, such as diarrheal illness or cough/fever.\ When there is an increase above the usual numbers reported; it can be an indication of an illness outbreak.  


The Missouri Reportable Diseases rules set forth by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services in the Code of State Regulations (19 CSR 20) require notification to the local health authority (health department) upon first knowledge or suspicion of certain communicable diseases. These communicable diseases are selected based on their characteristics that make them a threat to general public health and ability to infect others.

Required reporters (from 19 CSR 20)
• A physician, physician's assistant, nurse, hospital, clinic, or other private or public institution providing diagnostic testing, screening or care related to listed diseases
• Any person in charge of a public or private school, summer camp or child or adult care facility that identify the presence or supsected presence of any diseases or findings related to listed diseases

What do I report?
To file a report, enter the following information on the MO Dept. of Health and Senior Services report form CD-1 and fax to GCHD. Be sure to include:
• patient's name, home address with zip code, date of birth, age, sex, race, and home phone number
• name of disease, condition or finding diagnosed or suspected
• the date of onset of the illness
• name and address of the treating facility (if any) and the attending physician
• any appropriate laboratory results
• name and address of the reporter
• treatment information for sexually transmitted diseases
• the date of the report

Who do I report this information to?
The CD-1 report should be reported to the county health department where the patient resides. If the reporter sends the information to the jurisdiction where they are located, the information will be routed to the appropriate jurisdiction.

For residents of Gasconade County, please contact the GCHD Communicable Disease
Nurse. Fax the report to 573-486-3745. All information is received by confidential fax.

Or, call 573-486-3129.